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Strawberry Root weevils

The Strawberry Root Weevil, is one of the many species in the weevil family (Curculionidae). Its name comes from its affinity for strawberry plants, which form a large part of its diet. They are, however, known to feed on other plants as well. It is known to be one of the major pests threatening sub-tropical strawberry farming. The adult strawberry root weevil is about six millimeters long, and is dark brown/black in color.

They are often found in the leaves and foliage of the plants they feed on. The adult weevil’s elytra are fused together, which means they are unable to fly. The larvae can be up to thirteen millimeters long when fully grown and they are found near the roots of the plants they are infesting. The larvae are white, legless, with a darker colored head and are often C-shaped.

Controlling the strawberry root weevil includes a wide variety of methods such as the use of insecticides, plowing under old crops and crop rotation, cleaning farm equipment before moving to a new field, and fall plowing infested beds or fields. Another control method is the use of entomopathogenic nematodes, though results have varied.