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A Letter From Anthony Degennaro

I know that by choosing me, you chose to pay a little more for the thoroughness, exactness and the safety we provide for you. You made a wise choice, because now you will get the best value for your investment… had you chosen to go with the cheapest company, you would have gotten cheap service that would not have been effective. And what kind of value would that have been? None… You would have paid a cheap price but you would still have pests or they would have come back with a vengeance and you might as well have torn-up that money you paid the other guy and run it through the garbage disposal.


Sorry, I get upset when I think of all these exterminators who get on the news and 60-Minutes for their lousy work. I really just want to thank you for being smart and choosing good, thorough service over cheapest price.


My word is my bond… If my tech doesn’t do everything EXACTLY the way I have described to you here, I want you to call my personal assistant, Lisa, immediately at (248) 932-0018, so I can make sure you are taken care of right… exactly the way I would do it myself if I could be there in person. I want you to be super pleased, so if there is the slightest thing you can think of that will make your time with us even better, please let me know so I can make sure we do it for you and everyone else we serve from now on. I am always looking for ways to improve my service for you, so I appreciate any thoughts or concerns you have.



Anthony Degennaro
Owner, Sergio’s Pest Pros
(248) 932-0018