Carpenter Ant Control

Are there Carpenter Ants in your house ?

carpenter ants frass
You’re looking at piles of Carpenter Ant frass deposited inside the walls they were chewing. If we could do surgery on the homes that we visit for ants, this is what we would expect to find somewhere in many of them.

carpenter ants

insulationMany customers say “I only see a few ants in the spring”, all the while this cluster of ants is hidden somewhere, somewhere in the walls of your home. Before treatment, these ants were not readily visible, but were flushed out.

Here you see a wall opened up to show that the Frass will pile up inside the walls and damage will continue unless something is done.

dryrotMany people think the wood must be wet or at least moist for ants to infest or chew it. This is not true. Above you see dry wood that has been destroyed by Carpenter Ants.

We recommend that you have an Inspection for ants if any of the following may apply to you:

  • Regardless of numbers, you see ants inside the house on a consistent basis, especially if the ants have wings.
  • You see “sawdust” anywhere in the house and it’s not from a saw.
  • You see trailing of ants like the ants may be migrating. This applies inside or outside.
  • You find dead ants in the house regularly.
  • In cellars or crawlspaces you might notice spider webs have caught mostly ants.
  • You think there is water damaged or rotted wood.